1. Now on Display

    Thanks so much to everyone who came to our opening! And a big thanks and shout out to Sticks and Bricks! and of course to my lovely lady Mia Cabana!  A good time was had by all, I was really psyched by how well received they were. The pieces will be on display and prints will be on sale till the end of August. 

    Here is the complete series (though by complete i don’t mean that we are finished, we intend on keeping this as an ongoing project):

    "Lizzie Borden" A Case Book of Crime and Family in the 1890s”:

    Ex Libris "Lizzy Borden: A Case Book of Crime and Family in the 1890s"


    Ex Libris - 'Latin'

    "The Prodigal Rake: Memoirs of William Hickey":

    Ex Libris - 'The Prodigal Rake. Memoirs of William Hickey'

    Ex Libris 4

    Ex Libris

    Some pics from our opening at Sticks and Bricks!:

    Mia and I (thanks Chelsea for taking our picture):

    The actual pieces are on display next to the larger prints:

    The 5x7s are on sale for $24. Printed on fine art velvet paper, its a lot like watercolor paper and is so beautiful, if it wasn’t so expensive i would print everything on it:

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    talented photographer friend, Oliver, along with his girlfriend Mia, recently opened a gallery show with a
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